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We started with designing and manufacturing products, somewhere down the road we realized no matter how good our products are no one is gonna buy our amazing products(no matter what it is) if they can't discover our product. We discovered digital marketing and were overwhelmed by the opportunity that stood before us.


We decided to work with a "agency" because we were not confident in our digital marketing skills and because of time constraints.

The prices quoted were outrageous, The results promised were false, The relationship only existed till they were getting paid and the worst part we felt scared to even talk to the agency because they could dump us at any point and we had to start the process all over again which would take well over 5+ months.

​Fed up, me and my friend decided to change this not only for us but decided that no one should go through this in their journey. The best part of business is the "build" and we want to be part of your "build".


Enough talk- Let our work do the talking for us.
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